The Clergy of St. Alban's

Jan. 5, 1919 The Rev. W. Delancey Wilson conducted first service.
1919-1921 Services supplied by Bishop Olmstead; Archdeacons Jaynes and Foreman; the Rev. Messrs. Wm. S. Hayward, Brockway, Dr. Beauchamp, Dr. Joseph Clarke.
June-Aug. 1921 The Rev.Carroll B.Bates, lst assigned priest
Nov. 1921-Jan. 1924 The Rev. Robert J. Evans
June 1924-Nov. 1925 The Rev. Hamilton Hyde Kellogg
April 1926-Sept. 1928 The Rev. Walter L. Bennett
Nov. 1928-Oct. 1930 The Rev. Herman Ebert
Oct. 1930-Feb. 1931 The Rev. Romeo Gould
March 1931-Aug. 1934 The Rev. Sidney Heath
Sept. 1934-Feb. 1935 The Rev. Mr. Newkirk
Sept. 1934-July 1941 The Rev. Joseph 0. Roberts served as deacon under Mr. Newkirk, continuing as Priest-in-Charge after his ordination in 1935.
Nov. 1941-June 1945 The Rev. William P. Anna
Oct. 1945-April 1955 The Rev. Vincent L. Bennett

Note. Mr. Bennett's health began to fail in 1953, and many services were taken by the Very Rev. Canon Garfield Williams, former Dean of Manchester Cathedral, England, then resident in this parish, and others.

Sept.1955-1986 The Rev. Donald Roy Grindy
1966-1968 The Rev. Robert D. Ligouri served as Assistant Rector.
1987-1988 The Rev. Paul Twelves, Interim
1988-1990 The Rev. Gerald Shaw
Aug 1991 - Aug 2006 The Rev. Emily Gibson
Sept 2006 - The Rev. Julie Calhoun-Bryant

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